The Evolution of Internet Services

One of the biggest and significant developments that technology has managed to contribute in the past decades is the internet. With it came a lot of improvements and more technological advancements that made life faster and easier for many. However, the internet did not happen overnight and the things that we all enjoy at present from the World Wide Web happened because of the changes and processes the internet had to go through in the years that passed by.

The birth of the internet has been one of the most important factors that affected the global standards in the largest way possible at present. Nowadays, almost everyone is already relying on the internet for work, leisure, socialization, studies, banking, communication, and a lot more.

Indeed, the internet has brought a lot of advantages to mankind, together with the birth of computers, Smartphone, cameras, and even radio at the very least. Everything seems to be connected and internet services have become a very basic need for humankind.


Internet started during the 1960s as an experiment and. nothing more formal. It is pioneered by the Advanced Projects Agency (ARPA, now DARPA) of the United States Department of Defence. DARPA started the invention by having computer networks connected for various universities and private companies solely for the research.

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