Illegal Movie Downloading

If you have lived in a cave or nuclear shelter for the past couple of decades you made not have heard of them, but Blockbuster and Netflix represent the backbone of the online movie rental industry. These companies are leading the competition through their extensive selection, categorization, and innovative use of flat fees, lack of due dates, free trials, and various other facets. More and more people are subscribing to memberships offered by companies such as Netflix and Blockbuster as companies that provide downloadable movies come under fire.

If you surf the internet, chances are that you have stumbled across a number of sites that offer close to unlimited movie downloads for free or a nominal membership fee. These sites have a number of poblems, not the least of which is the potential of adware, viruses, and spyware being downloaded as well. The primay danger though, is the issue of legality, or lack thereof. Many of these sites, which use a P2P, or Peer-to-Peer, structure claim legitimacy. The MPAA has targeted many of these sites, and while some have gone out business, there are others that have obtained a legal operating status. This is deceptive however, because if you look at the disclaimers, most will state that, “the use of filesharing software for the uploading or downloading of copyrighted works without the permission or the authorization of the copyright holders may be illegal and may subject consumers to civil or criminal liabilities and penalties.”

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