Poker Bonuses – How to Choose a Good Bonus?

Poker bonuses are proposed by a lot of poker rooms. Their value varies from a few dollars up to several thousand dollars.  Of course, these bonuses are not given to the poker player without any condition and it is often difficult to know what is the real value of a bonus, and how easy is it to get it. A $2000 bonus looks great, but what if it is impossible to clear it? How to know which one you can get and how many hours do you have to play poker to clear it? We will answer all theses questions giving the elements to understand, interpret, and  evaluate such an offer. We will then consider a real bonus.As mentioned before, a poker bonus is associated with terms and conditions that represent the requirements before it can be cleared. Any time you consider playing to get a bonus, you should carefully read the terms and conditions, not only to understand what is proposed but also to know if you can clear it. Let’s decode what you can find in the terms and conditions with the example of a random poker room offering a 100% bonus up to $200:


  • 100% means that the value of the bonus will correspond to 100% of the value of your deposit. If you deposit more than $200, you still have a bonus of $200. If you deposit less than $200, you get a bonus corresponding to the amount you deposit;
  • Most of the time, it is a welcome bonus, also called a first time deposit bonus. You can only take advantage of it if it is the first time you deposit some money at the poker room. They are typically created to encourage players to subscribe to the room and playing with real money.


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