Does Anyone Know What the Best Craps Bonus Is?

What constitutes a best craps bonus? If you are of the persuasion that playing craps doesn’t require any risk of losing your shirt or spending a single cent of your own, perhaps you should look into online sites which offer a no-deposit bonus. Although the amount given is small, you enjoy a game of craps with money, not your own, to win or lose. It’s like playing Monopoly.

If you are more willing to wager some of your own money, register with a reputable online casino which will happily deposit a welcome bonus, also referred to as signup bonus, into your account depending on the amount of your deposit. Although they call it free money, we all know there’s no such thing as that. It’s basically a stimulus for you to play more, the bonus acting as a spare tire to your own money. Some casinos offer welcome bonuses in increments in case you choose not to or are not able to make a single deposit upon signup. Increments after the 1st deposit tend to earn lower bonuses.

After learning the ropes of the game, perhaps you feel you are ready to join the big boys. Some casinos offer a high roller deposit bonus or VIP bonus whereby a higher deposit equates to a higher payout. Such bonuses may also be offered exclusively within a casino to keep their clientele.

Online casinos tend to utilize certain channels of payment methods as it simplifies management of their financial transactions. As such, the best craps bonus may be the bonus based on method of deposit. If you select their preferred methods when topping up your account, the casinos then reward you as a sign of appreciation.

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