Top Three Dating Movies to Watch on a Movie Date

I can think of a 100 movies based on the theme of romance and dating. But I had my picks when it came to zeroing on the best ones of the lot. But I decided to go one step further, did a survey of sorts through free online dating websites and dating communities on social networking sites and picked three popular movies for my “Top Three Dating Movies” list. Each of them is dating themed movies, but with a certain twist that sets them apart from the romance regulars.

When Harry meets Sally: no surprises here. This one bagged the maximum votes and I am glad because I wanted this movie to go to my list. Personally, this is not one of the best romantic movies I have seen. But this one bagged many votes probably because many people could relate to this in some way, and why not, given the number of sub plots the movie has. Nevertheless, the focus of the ever complicated relationship between the. Like most romantic movies, the romance between Harry and Sally does not evolve from love at first sight to a more serious relationship. It happens with a thud when Harry barges into the new year party and expresses his love for Sally.

The story itself is unusual. It is a reversal of romance since it starts with hate and develops into love. “Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way,”  the dialogue is central to the movie and is explored and answer derived through the plot of the movie. This might be another theme which appeals to the audience.

The movie is humorous weaved with a series of unexpected incidents, leaving the audience glued to their seats to see what happens next. The curiosity ad suspense is maintained   throughout the movie.

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