Work From Home Typing Jobs

Work from home typing jobs have been one of the most popular, and thus scam-ridden work from home topics on the internet. I certainly am not one for telling others what to do (mostly I do, when it’s in their best interest) but I have to say this, “be very, very careful when exploring the work from home typing jobs possibilities!”

Let’s just say there are a ton of horror stories from people getting into this business niche and getting ripped off in many different ways. Please do not let yourself be one of them.

If you feel You must explore this dangerous avenue, use these three (3) safety tips:


  1. NEVER pay any money to apply for one of these home-based typing jobs or to get their so-called jobs listings reports
  2. Watch out for the ever-popular UNTRUSTED SITES that offer great job offers and all you need to do is start with this simple “Test Check” SCAM to make sure they can deposit monies into your account. (this is usually nothing but a good way to ensure they can successfully drain your account)
  3. Offer only LIMITED personal information until the company can be well verified and thoroughly checked out. Even then, be very cautious and try NEVER to give out your SSN or bank information. It is best to work through a PayPal type system if possible.


I certainly don’t want to rain on your potential business parade but I had to do what I feel is right.

Okay, now for some excellent Work From Home Business News!

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