NFL – What’s All the Fuss About?

The NFL in American sports culture is second only to…well, nothing I guess. You really can’t beat the action on the gridiron on a Sunday afternoon. There are so many things that make Sundays at your favorite NFL stadium the most amazing time of the year. What sets the NFL apart? Here are a few of the more noticeably great things about the NFL.

o The NFL truly has something for everyone. Even stay-at-home mom’s can catch the latest soap opera by turning to ESPNews during an Al Davis press conference. Where else could you witness a guy that’s actually been dead for the last 15 years fire someone that’s young enough to be his great-grandson? The fans of the other teams in the AFC West are actually starting a petition to keep Al Davis in power as long as possible. It’s one less team to worry about every year, right?

o Where else could you see two over-the-hill quarterbacks like Brett Favre and Kurt Warner battle it out in week 4? We saw the same match up like 9 years ago, but it’s still great and was actually on hand for the game in case one of their drives stalled.


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