Six Pre-Flop Tips For A Winning Texas Holdem Strategy

In order to be a winner at Texas Holdem, you need a winning pre-flop strategy. A carefully constructed strategy is the key to success. Here are some questions to consider when putting together a successful pre-flop strategy. Also consider poker video lessons.

1. Are you disciplined enough to be a winner?

Discipline and patience are extremely important if you want to be a winner at Texas Holdem. A winning strategy involves only playing hands when you have an advantage. It takes discipline and patience to wait for those hands. With ten players at the table, you will not have a hand that is good enough to win in the majority of cases. If you are too eager to be involved in every pot, you are not likely to be successful.

Besides increasing your odds of winning when you do bet, playing with discipline and patience also allows you to study what is going on around you more carefully. This will give you even more of an edge in the long run, since you will be able to spot the weaknesses and betting habits of other players.

2. How many players are at the table?

If you are playing in a larger game, there is a better chance that someone is holding a good hand. When there are only a few players, the odds of a good hand are much lower. That means you need to be more strategic in larger games.

3. How do the other players play?

Pay attention to the style of play around you. You’ll need to tailor your own strategy according to what you observe. For example, suppose you notice that one player always raises right before the flop. If you have a good hand in the pocket, play tighter with a player like this.

4. What is your table position?

In later positions, you can influence the size of the pot more than you can in earlier positions, especially pre-flop. Keep that in mind when you are betting. The more players you can observe before you bet, the better. If you are in a late position, you can play a weaker hand once you have observed how the players ahead of you bet. If you are in an early position, you need to be more cautious. The dealer is obviously in the best position since he or she gets to see how everyone bets before making a decision.


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