The Perfect Gift For College Students

High school is over for your child or a friend of yours. You want to get a gift for the recent high school grad, but you are not sure what to get them. If you’re a friend of theirs then you wouldn’t want to buy them clothes, etc. for college. If you want the perfect gift for them I would suggest a brand new poker chip set for many reasons. If the high school grad is dorming for college, a poker chip set is the ultimate ice breaker to make new friends.

Sometimes you get tired of partying, yes it can happen to college students, when you have partied 5 days straight and you just want to chill and hang out indoors, then a poker game with your own poker set is the answer. Make sure your poker set comes with a poker case for easy transportation.

There are many poker chip cases out there ranging from silver aluminum finish, mahogany wood case, to a genuine leather black case. Whether case you like, any of them will do. Some of them even have a key for you to lock the chips for maximum security. I personally like the deep rich color of the mahogany poker case because it looks elegant and can be placed on your coffee table as a decor.

So if you think poker is only for professional players playing with thousands of dollars, then you’re wrong. Poker can be a simple night of friends coming over for a friendly and exciting game of poker while watching sports and eating pizza. The great thing about having poker chips around is the fact that everyone has fun with one simple gift.

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