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Two-piece deals didn’t get around the globe as ladies adhered to conventional two-piece bathing suits. Réard returned to planning customary pants to sell in his mom’s shop.[63] According to Kevin Jones, caretaker and style antiquarian at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, “Réard was comparatively radical by around 15 to 20 years. Just ladies in the vanguard, generally privileged European ladies accepted it, much the same as the high society European ladies who initially cast off their bodices after World War I.”[71] It was restricted in the French Atlantic coastline,[72] Spain, Belgium and Italy, three nations adjoining France, just as Portugal and Australia, and it was disallowed in some US states,[73] and debilitate in others. comprar biquíni

In 1951, the primary Miss World challenge (initially the Festival Bikini Contest),[75][76] was coordinated by Eric Morley.[77] When the champ, Kiki Håkansson from Sweden, was delegated in a two-piece, nations with strict customs took steps to pull out delegates.[78] Håkansson stays the first and last Miss World to be delegated in her bikini,[79] a delegated that was denounced by Pope Pius XII who proclaimed the bathing suit to be sinful.[80][81] Bikinis were prohibited from excellence expos around the globe after the controversy.[82] In 1949 the Los Angeles Times announced that Miss America Bebe Shopp on her visit to Paris said she didn’t endorse the two-piece for American young ladies, however she wouldn’t fret French young ladies wearing them.[83] Actresses in films like My Favorite Brunette (1947) and the model on a 1948 front of LIFE were appeared in conventional two-piece swimwear, not the swimsuit.

In 1950, Time magazine talked with American bathing suit head honcho Fred Cole, proprietor of Cole of California, and revealed that he had “pretty much nothing however disdain for France’s celebrated Bikinis,” since they were intended for “humble Gallic ladies”. “French young ladies have short legs,” he clarified, “Bathing suits must be climbed up along the edges to make their legs look longer.” Réard himself depicted it as a two-piece swimsuit which “uncovers everything about a young lady aside from her mom’s lady name.”[39] Even Esther Williams remarked, “A two-piece is a negligent act.”[39] But, ubiquity of the charms of Pin-up sovereign and Hollywood star Williams were to evaporate alongside pre-swimming outfits with extravagant names over the course of the following not many decades.[84] Australian creator Paula Straford acquainted the two-piece with Gold Coast in 1952. In 1957, Das moderne Mädchen (The Modern Girl) stated, “It is incomprehensible that a nice young lady with judgment could actually wear something like this.” after eight years a Munich understudy was rebuffed to six days cleaning work at an old home since she had walked around the focal Viktualienmarkt square, Munich in a bikini.[85]

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