Anti Aging Secrets Exposed!

Through the years, a lot of anti aging secrets have been passed on from one generation of women to the next. Some of these infamous anti aging secrets have been debunked by scientific studies, while others have been kept alive by researches in alternative medicine. Human obsession with anti aging secrets has  HRT Newport Beach been around for centuries, from the early Egyptian civilization, to the European search for the mystical fountain of youth.

Today, even the most logical discipline of physical medicine is inadvertently about anti aging secrets. Although modern medicine revolves around health, health by itself is a form of anti aging as well. Medicine tries to keep the body from deteriorating, which is also the point of age-old anti aging secrets.

Although the media may reveal more superficial reasons for trying to defy age, the equation is simple: people, in general, need to live and look young longer. The passages below discuss the most common misconceptions about anti aging secrets we’ve come across. These are myths which keep women chained to the huge commercial business of anti aging beauty products.

Price means quality

Most women spend thousands of dollars just to maintain the health of their skin. The fact is that proper cleansing and moisturizing can keep the skin healthy and better looking. Skin deteriorates faster when bacteria is allowed to breed in it. Skin damage and aging are also caused by severe drying which is caused by over-exposure to the sun.

One need not buy the most expensive “magic elixir” in the market. Instead of looking at the price tag, you should look at the ingredients found on the beauty cream. Don’t purchase creams and cleansers with high alcohol content, because alcohol can make the skin drier and more prone to wrinkles.

The best skin products have high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins a, c, and d. Skin products with at least an SPF15 rating is also a good investment. These ingredients can be found in affordable, mass produced creams which can be purchased over the counter in pharmacies and grocery stores. Before buying any skin product, ask your dermatologist for advice. S/he can help you look for skin creams which are both effective and easy on your pockets.

It’s all about the cream

Unfortunately, the body can’t be polished like wood. We’re living and breathing creatures, and out skin cells regenerate depending on the nutrients we absorb. Creams can protect one’s skin from aging only as long as cream usage is coupled with the right lifestyle.

Lifestyle hazards like poor sleep, over exposure to the sun, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol, stress, and bad diet can counter all the effects of good skin creams, no matter how expensive or well known. The best way to keep skin young looking is to work from within. Make sure that your body is well rested, nourished and well hydrated. Good skin is always the fruitful product of a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep helps repair skin

Although proper sleeping habits do help people maintain good skin, the concept behind sleeping beauty is not entirely correct. Long hours of sleep do not make skin regenerate by itself. Sleep, like all things in life, should be kept in moderation.

It should be stated this way: bad sleeping habits make the body malfunction, in general. When your hormones are going crazy, and your internal organs are close to breaking down because of lack of sleep, it shows through your skin. Sleep may not produce miracle collagen, but it does keep you from having to worry about unpleasant breakouts.


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