Dinner Delivery Solutions – Are Dinner Delivery Services Practical?

Dinner Delivery Solutions: Is a dinner delivery/meal delivery service practical for your life?

Today I’d like to address the practicality of a meal delivery service. There are many names that people use to describe this type of service, but what it means is a service that sends you meals that are already prepared. You simply open them, follow a few simple instructions and presto you have a real dinner real fast right in your own home, at least that’s what is supposed to happen. (We’ll cover the quality question at a later time.) If this concept is completely foreign to you remember Schwan’s frozen foods? They are most famous for their ice cream but also carry meals and meats. Dinner delivery services are similar except they don’t rely on salesmen driving around in trucks all day. Most are ran online. You pick what you want, place your order, and then its delivered to your doorstep. Now that we have a basic understanding of what a meal delivery service is, let’s start finding out if it’s worth integrating into our lives.

There are many questions to answer when considering whether or not a dinner delivery, meal delivery, prepared meals service is right for you and your family. Regardless of what term you use, and it seems all are you used interchangeably, I believe the most important question to address is the priorities question. You have to ask yourself “when it comes to eating what is my number one goal?” To some people price is the most important thing. They have a tight budget and their main goal is to save money. For other people health is the most important thing. They are doing everything they can, including paying higher prices, to eat healthy. For others their health concerns are even more serious. They MUST eat healthier because of diabetes or some other condition that greatly restricts what and how they eat. For others their main goal is staying on a certain type of diet such as low carb or simply eating small portions. For others their number one concern is taste and enjoyment. They aren’t too concerned if their meal is healthy or low in cost, they just want to enjoy it as much as possible.

Before you can really discover how practical or impractical a dinner delivery service would be for you and your family you MUST answer the priority question for yourself and you MUST be truthful with yourself. I cannot really answer that question for you, but what I can do is give you a small bit of insight into what your priority may mean in this regard.

PRICE: If price is your number one concern when buying food then chances are a meal delivery service is not the best choice for you. Although there is a wide range of meal delivery services out there they still tend to be a little more expensive than what it would cost for you to buy the ingredients and cook it yourself at home. The reason for that is because someone else has already put the meals together and you are basically paying for that convenience. Depending on the service that could be a minor cost increase, while others it could be a giant leap because you’re paying for “gourmet meals.”

TIME: If time or your lack of thereof is your number one priority then its possibly a meal delivery service could work very well for you. Since the meals are largely put together and you simply finish it off can save you quite a bit of time. The only downfall to that is that you need to already have the meals to be able to heat them up and eat them. Often people who are very short on time are not always the greatest at planning ahead. If you were to utilize a dinner delivery service you will have to think ahead and order meals so that they will be in the freezer when you need them.

TASTE: If taste is the number one thing on your mind, then whether or not a dinner delivery service would work for you is completely dependent upon the quality of the company. There are MANY options out there for a prepared meals service. So, if you really want to have great tasting food that is fulfilling you will have to find one that meets your needs for satisfaction and quality. ( A quick side note: the staff here at will be doing reviews of sites in the coming months) The other downfall to looking for taste above all else is that gourmet food delivered right to your doorstep is often more expensive than other sources of high class dining, but the upside is you wont be paying the overhead of a fancy restaurant or leaving a tip for a server.

HEALTH: If health is your main concern then there are essentially two factors to take into consideration. First: what is your health concern? Is it staying true to a specific diet like low carb, cutting out trans fats, eating truly nutritional foods, or is something like diabetes? After you know exactly where you’re coming from you have to realize that with several companies out there offering these types of services you have to be willing to look around because some places may be able to offer you low carb but don’t have meals for people battling diabetes. There is of course one last thing that must be taken into consideration…

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