Bastion Review, The Kid’s Story

If you enjoy indie games, I assume you do because you have no reason not to, Bastion is one of the greatest samples for that. Please ignore this big time gap between the release of the game and my review, I always do that; I find an old game and play it then I decide to write an article about it, I don’t care about release date.

The Story

Bastion is a story of survivors of a calamity. Bastion is a place like a meeting point after the calamity. As an experienced soldier, The Kid, I mean we players try to find and save all other survivors among monsters in different parts of the map. We try to build our new world as well as saving other survivors.


Bastion is a 2D isometric action RPG game. The game doesn’t skip teaching us the basics which include carrying only 2 weapons at a time, rolling, weapons’ features and such. I must admit, monster fights are a bit disappointing for an action RPG game. I am used to using many skills together in action RPG games, I love to combine skills, but unfortunately in Bastion we can choose and use only 1 spell at a time and we have to have the required item to be able to use that skill! Left click to use our main weapon, right click for our secondary weapon and only 1 spell to use… A bit dull compared to many other action RPGs in the market. Even boss fights are not very exciting, we just need to press right and left click at the right time while we protect ourselves, that is all.

I almost forgot about mentioning the passive skill system, distillery. We choose one of the available passive skills at each level. I need to say that, unlike weapons, passive skills are not balanced. There is not a clear advantage between weapons; weapons are roughly equal with all their advantages and disadvantages. But as for passive skills, there are some that nobody would pick.

I can’t count too many things that make Bastion very different from the same genre games but narrator idea is great. He speaks according to the story and our moves. When we break too many objects, for instance, he says: “The Kid just rages for a while”. The narrator also helps us about the story, he tells us our character’s, “The Kid”s story. This is not all, he helps us about almost everything from weapons to skills, from maps to monsters… etc.

In the game, there is something else that will attract your attention for sure; music. I am not very interested in music and sound and I was too lazy to search it, but I am sure you will love Bastion’s music. You may find yourself turning down sound effects to hear the music well.

The good thing is, there are is a feature to keep us busy even after we complete the story. We can try survival mode. Of course, not having a survival mode would be a pity for such a game. After completing story mode, we gamers need to keep playing without repeating the story mode again and again. Survival mode comes to our aid at this point.


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