The Human Body Requires at Least 60 Minerals

The Chinese have been around for thousands of years just like us and they know their traditional medicines. Did you know there are well over 30,000 Chinese living over the age of a 100yrs and you wouldn’t think so to look at them. Why do you think this is, simple it comes down to what we eat, in other words “We are what we eat”! If I were to tell you whats in some bazinga of the things we eat here in the US you would probably think twice example: (fast foods)! Chinese nutrition herbals have been around for thousands of years well long before our drug companies that have come on the scene which kill thousands of Americans every day.

If you’re health-conscious, you probably take nutritional supplements. But do you enjoy them as you gulp down pill after pill and capsule after capsule, do you savor the flavor, and can you actually tell a difference in your health?

You know that in our fast-paced world, you probably dont eat ideally, and supplements help ensure that you get the nutrition you need, and in the right quantities that will benefit the body? One way is to drink Bazi a powerful nutritional drink from XELR8. A single 1-ounce shot provides good-tasting nutrition from real food sources.

The name Bazi is a Chinese word that means “eight characters”- referring to the eight fruits in it. Bazi contains a blend of the Jujube (pronounced joo-joob) fruit, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Gogi berry, Mangosteen, Raspberry, Acai berry, and Seabuckthorn berry. Although each fruit contains a high density of nutrients on its own, Bazi blends these recognized nutritional powerhouses with an additional 12 vitamins and a propriety blend of 68 minerals.

The final formula provides the body with a very concentrated set of vital nutrients that help to fortify and strengthen the body’s internal systems while enhancing its ability to promote detoxification and cleansing.

Consistency Is Key

“People have to take nutritional supplements on a consistent basis to get the full benefits,” If you take supplements once in awhile, your body doesn’t adapt to the newfound set of nutrients and therefore doesn’t utilize them properly. Bazi was developed so that first and foremost, everyone could enjoy using it everyday. People actually look forward to taking their shot every morning; berry taste and easy-to-drink 1-ounce serving is perfect for anyone, 16 to 68!”

Better Together

Over time, scientists have noticed that the body can better use nutrients in their natural form. For example, vitamin C by itself doesn’t work as well when you eat it in fruit. That’s because nutrients such as vitamin C dont work independently,” “Fruits have numerous bioactive components; these components along with vitamin C work together to provide the wonderful health benefits in fruits”. “Many different factors allow nutrients to be absorbed and utilized in the body. That’s why there’s such a big push now for people to use supplements that are from natural, whole-food sources.”

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