Original art by living artists

Were that true, artists such as Anna Mary Robertson, a.k.a” Grandma Moses”, would not have been so highly sought after during her lifetime, that she would go on to receive the acclaim of Presidents, honorary degrees to universities, and be the subject of a documentary film. The government even issued a stamp to commemorate her.

Still others seem to hold firm to that belief that the value of a piece of art cannot be determined within the lifetime of the artist, but would appreciate after the artist’s death.

Even though a magnificent painting, by the next door neighbor, might live on long after the life of the artist, unless the artist built some kind of following during their lifetime, the painting would probably have little value after their death. However, if the unacclaimed artist is connected to something that is somehow ‘newsworthy’, the painting suddenly has more value. As the neighbor next door, John Wayne Gacy’s paintings might have received little acclaim or interest. The value of his paintings are directly connected to his crimes as a serial killer.

Artists today are much more marketing savvy than their predecessors. They can take a can of spray paint, get arrested, make some headlights and the value of their work frequently skyrockets. The more they make news, the more name recognition they receive. Even if their art is not all that great, it increases in value, just from the act of creating name recognition. There are few people that I know who haven’t, at least, heard of Banksy.

If you like a piece of art and you can afford to purchase it, go for it. As an investment it will appreciate in value if only from the enjoyment you have brought into your life and the lives of those around you.

Of course original art by living artists is worth something, if it has brightened your life in any way, it’s value is, priceless.

Charlene Zatloukal

I am both an artist and a collector. In my thirty plus years as an artist, I have sold several thousand original works of art to collectors world wide. As a collector, I try to keep current on the trends and the markets, through countless hours and hours of education and research

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