A Glimpse on the History of Hair Straightener

Before the invention of the modern hair straighteners that we rely on for styling our hair beautifully and safely, the traditional method was highly dangerous for the hair. Hair straightening was performed with chemicals or with damaging irons that had the chance of ruining the hair forever. The history of the evolution of the modern hair straighteners dates back to early 1900s when the first tool was merely two pieces of iron that could be clamped between the hairs and was used on the hair without any safety measure.

Both the use of chemical straightening methods and heating irons were known to bring about adverse effects on the hair for whoever used it. So, straightening the hair those days were really risking their hair forever. The early inventor of traditional rod is credited to Madam CJ Walker who made this styling tool highly popular along with a number of other hair styling products she launched. Today’s professional flat irons that come with so many amazing features and technologies are just the modern modification of the straightening tool made in the early 1900s. Different types of new, revolutionary styling rods came into being inspired from the traditional rods such as the curling iron, blow dryer and flat irons. The gradual modification of the traditional models is the result of the new models of digital flat irons that comes with several multi-task features.

As compared to the metal irons and the abrasive chemical straightening methods, the professional flat irons of today are manufactured by integrating numerous safety features and additional technologies for easy, quick and safe hair styling. When traditional styling tools caused so many hair burning and damage issues, the newer models of straighteners are made with high quality ceramic and tourmaline heating plates that offers even and stable distribution of heat along the hair shaft and thus helps in protecting the hair from heat damage. The micro-porous technology of ceramic flat irons help in preserving the hair’s natural moisture and oils and prevents the formation of harmful microorganisms on the scalp. It even eliminates frizz and hot spots that damage the hair severely.

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