Where is the “Green Buzz” Leading To?

There is a huge amount of chatter (and twitter and blogging) these days in the media and in general conversation, about what the future brings in terms of Eco Friendly and Green Products. The buzz words in the current recessionary environment are ‘Green’, ‘Sustainable’, ‘Carbon Neutral’, and a host of similar words and phrases that are heard and seen almost everyday wherever you look or listen. With the amount of political ‘footballing’ in relation to carbon credits and global warming, and encouragements to reduce our collective carbon footprint, we can be sure that this topic is going to be forced to the forefront of out thoughts for the foreseeable future.

In Ireland for instance we have, the government driven website that encourages householders and businesses to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint, and, another government driven website that offers assistance, and in some instances grant-aid to assist individuals and businesses to become more sustainable through the use of renewable energy sources or improved insulation etc.

One certainty in relation to the whole area of transitioning to  happy-suger   more sustainable and ‘green’ methods of energy consumption, is that in general, people don’t want to find it necessary to increase their expenditure. And here lies the crux of the matter!

It is my opinion that transitioning to sustainable technology must be a cost neutral operation and if one has to make an investment to make the changeover, there must be a ‘return on investment’ where one will recoup the outlay cost, so for instance if you buy a low energy light bulb that costs 50% more than a standard incandescent one, you should be able to save that cost difference over the lifetime of the light bulb through reduced electricity costs and in powering the light bulb and longer useful product life cycle. Similarly if you invest in solar panels or wind turbines to generate some or all of your electricity requirements, you should be able to recoup the cost of the capital outlay through the savings in generating your own electricity.

In most instances it will be a number of years before the initial outlay on a ‘green’ product will be recovered, so many people will want look for the most cost efficient products. The lowest cost items may not be the most cost efficient, as the output of the equipment will have a significant impact on the return on investment also, so where do you go to look for an efficient, cost effective solution, where can you achieve the best ‘life cycle cost?

Although China is widely portrayed as an oil guzzling and coal munching country, and relative to its size it is, it is also however at the forefront of sustainable energy implementation. Not only is China establishing huge wind and solar farms, it is also at the forefront of LED lighting and micro wind turbines for to power individual street lights.

So while China is a huge user of fossil fuels, the green message has not been lost on the Chinese, and they are working on the technology that will fuel the future. It looks like all paths will lead to China for Green products in the near future.

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